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This site was created with the intention of documenting some of the results of my hobby within the realm of electronic gadgetry. Enjoy your visit, but be advised that I'm planning to add more stuff in the future; please check back regularly for updates.



The goofiest idea presented in this website as of this moment is the world's first Nixie Tube Propeller Clock. The primary reason for the existence of this website is to chronicle the creation and operation of this gadget. Go ahead and check out the project. The source code of the firmware is also available for download; it is very-well commented, making it a good educational material for hobbyists new to the wonderful world of 8-bit PIC microcontrollers.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy your visit!

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This site hosts the following interesting topics:

Hardware Projects

This topic section is a collection of my different hardware projects (yes, including the beloved Nixie Tube Propeller Clock ;-) ).


Yes, this is still to come... hopefully soon... :-)

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